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What is RSS?
RSS is an easy way to get the latest news as soon as it comes to your favorite websites. Instead of opening pages and searching for new topics, RSS feeds you with news and topics on those websites as soon as they are published.
The Shura Council website provides an RSS feed for most of the site's pages, such as: Council News, President's News, Council Events, etc.

How can I benefit from RSS Service?
You should initially get a program called News Reader. This program displays on the computer screen the information provided by RSS from the sites of your choice.

After you get the News Reader, you can specify only the sites and pages you want to get RSS from.

How can I get News Reader program?
There are several versions of News Reader available on the Internet. To download one on your device, click on the suggested links at the bottom of the page.

Note that you must choose News Reader software that fits the operating system used in your computer (Windows or Mac).

The first three links are suggested for Windows. The last link is for Mac.

How can I subscribe to the RSS service of the Shura website?
Choose the page you want to receive the latest news from, such as the news page of the Council at . Click the RSS link at the bottom of the page.

Then, follow the News Reader instructions to add the selected pages to your RSS list to start receiving the XML submissions for each of those pages.

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