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Parliamentary Library Services

1. Technical Services:

  • Supplying: Where a supply policy is particularly established to regulate procurement, gift and exchange.
  •  Cataloguing & Categorization: The Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System to classify all the library holdings as well as library special systems in all library operations of supplying, cataloguing, loaning (the symphony system), entering data in bibliographic and authoritative (Mark 21) format and descriptive readable cataloging rules the RDA, which id the latest cataloguing rules used worldwide, as well as the cataloging of secure periodicals.

2. General Services:

They include general and specialized books, reference and research services, specialized periodicals and audiovisual material section, in addition to the loan section with its various services. A special policy is agreed upon to regulate the process of loaning the library materials and holdings and to agree on a reminder system of delayed returns of borrowed books.

  •  Loan service.

  •  Guidance and direction service.

  • Automated search of the Library’s catalogue service.

  • Ongoing briefing and selective broadcast of information service.

  • Indexing and extraction service.

  • Electronic search services.

  • Reference and informational services: Provided by the references section of the Library and they include:

    • Responding to the various inquiries of the beneficiaries and guiding them to the appropriate sources of information to answer their inquiries.
    • Helping beneficiaries in retrieving information by searching the direct library index.
    • To facilitate access and research in the electronic library resources (databases and electronic journals).
    • Training of beneficiaries on how to search using the automated library system and other databases.


  • Newspapers, periodicals and other publications:

The library provides a collection of magazines printed in both Arabic and English, and includes magazines of various types, as well as newspapers, bulletins, meeting minutes, annual reports, and publications of ministries and institutions which are used only within the library. This is in addition to (e-Journals) in which the Library participates.

  •  Internet and electronic sources services:

They contain e-books, databases and specialized electronic journals. Audiovisual Section: This section contains a set of audio tapes, slides and CDs, in addition to various devices for the operation of audiovisual materials inside the library.

  • Copying and Photocopying service:

The library has photocopying machines that work with a prepaid card.

The beneficiary can photocopy journals articles and reference information that he needs, and it’s prohibited to copy the entire book to protect the intellectual property.

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