Chairman’s Speech

The Speech of the Chairman of Shura Council His Excellency Mr. Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh

Parliamentary libraries in modern times are considered an absolute necessity to provide diverse sources of knowledge from books, references, paper and electronic periodicals, databases focusing primarily on laws and legislation, to serve the members of parliamentary councils in particular, members of the legislature and legal professionals in general, in order to allow everyone to benefit from the human intellectual production related to laws and legislation in various aspects of life, which leads to providing the members of the parliamentary councils with information in the field of law to assist them in the performance of their tasks with intelligence and complete professionalism, specially in the case of submission of proposals including proposing laws.

Based on these inputs, we found the need to establish a parliamentary library in the Shura Council, that includes the library's advanced components in terms of the building, equipment and furniture. As well as in providing newly published holdings of encyclopedias, books, references and periodicals -Paper and digital- in particular and some sources of culture in general, with an experienced and efficient staff.
And with Allah’s help, we have been able to establish the Parliamentary Library in the Shura Council and to open it in the third ordinary session of the fourth legislative term, which will be a major supporter to all members of the Council and members of the legislative authority and the rest of the legal professionals.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Parliamentary Library of the Shura Council, I am pleased to extend gratitude to the General Secretariat of the Shura Council for the great efforts made by the Assistant General Secretariat of the Relations, Media and Research Affairs during the establishment process. Also, I commend the efforts of others who have supported this pioneering project which will lead without doubt to advance the level of legislative work in our beloved Kingdom.

Wishing every success to the Parliamentary Library of the Shura Council in the performance of the role assigned to it with all efficiency and competence.

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