Parliamentary Library Content

 The library provides the latest sources of printed and electronic information focusing on parliamentary, legislative and legal aspects, as well as a range of other diverse sources.

  •  General books covering all branches of knowledge that are sorted by the Dewey Decimal Classification System.
  • Specialized books: A collection of books in the parliamentary, legislative and legal fields.
  • References (such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, facts books and others).
  • Periodicals which are sources of periodic nature in the issue, of which are daily, weekly and monthly, as well as quarterly and annual.
  • Databases.
  • A collection of books of legislation and Bahraini law.
  • Shura Council publications, such as sessions’ minutes and annual and statistical reports of the Shura Council.
  •  Governmental publications associated with the parliamentary, legislative and legal affairs of the ministries, institutions and different entities concerned with the Library specialization.
  • Audiovisual material collection: a collection of knowledge materials available on CD-ROM, to which the library provides equipment for viewing.
  • The Press Archive: It includes topics related to the Shura Council.

Electronic sources

The latest e-books in addition to sessions minutes and the publications and reports of the Shura Council.


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