Secretary General’s Speech

The Speech of His Excellency the General Secretary

The directives of the Chairman of the Shura Council His Excellency Mr. Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh represent a major step and an important event in the field of scientific and cultural advancement targeting the members of the Council and the legal and legislative cadres in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the history of the Council will preserve this valuable achievement in the field of legal knowledge.

And as we celebrate the opening of our library, which is considered a cultural monument accomplished by the hands of dedicated workers, we call on the legal and legislative persons, and indeed all the intellectuals, to invite them to and consistently benefit from this modern scientific center, which is supported by the latest sources of national, Arab and international legal information that multiply day after day.

Moreover, the Parliamentary Library is one of the specialized libraries, which is considered a valuable addition into the legislative work environment for its importance in providing reliable and modern legal information and from its fundamental scientific sources, to present to all leaders and workers in the legislative and legal field in the Kingdom.

In this regard, we are proud, and we commend the efforts of the Assistant General Secretariat of the Relations, Media and Research Affairs and the other secretariats in all their departments and sections that work diligently with dedication to develop and disseminate parliamentary culture and to provide support and research and logistical information support to members of the Shura Council and its committees and General Secretariat. This cultural accomplishment is only another fruit of the fruits of the loyalty of our parliamentary cadres that we are proud of and cherish.

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