Lending System

All members of the Shura Council and all the advisers and all members of the General Secretariat of the Council shall be entitled to benefit from the loan services. The library offers the following loan services:

External loan
It allows a library member to read its books and other sources of knowledge outside the library building for a period of two weeks renewable unless they were requested by others.
External loan materials are subdivided into the following:

A. Printed material as follows:

  • The beneficiary has the right to borrow three books with accompanying materials such as floppy disks at the same time for only two weeks. He may not borrow more than three books without the approval of the Director of the Research and Studies Department.
  • References and periodicals of various kinds may not be borrowed.
  • The Library has the right to determine the sources available for external loan.

B. Audiovisual Material consisting of the following:

¨  CDs
¨  Video tapes

  •  Library visitors are entitled to use all audiovisual materials inside the library.
  •  Beneficiaries of the Library’s services are entitled to borrow audiovisual materials that can be loaned at the rate of two tapes or two CDs at a time.
  •  The duration of burrowing is two weeks renewable unless the material was requested by others.
  •  The Library has the right to determine the sources available for external loan.

Procedures for obtaining membership card:

  • Fill in the required data in the application form.
  •  Provide your ID card to the Library’s employee to verify the accuracy of the required data.
  •  A membership card is issued for the above-mentioned data holders with a photograph attached of the joint member.
  • The membership card is only valid for 2 years from the date of issue.
  •  In case of loss of the membership card the member shall pay 2 BD to issue a replacement card.

Procedures of reserving book and other materials:

  •  The beneficiary may reserve the printed or non-printed material for loan in person, by telephone, through the library's email or through the library's automated catalog.
  •  The period of reservation of the material shall be only one week, after which the right of the borrower shall automatically be lost, and the material shall be returned to its place.
  • It is not allowed to renew the loaning of the reserved materials.

Procedures for delay or loss of the Library’s borrowed materials:

  • The person late on returning the book or other library materials in time shall send a notification by regular mail, e-mail or SMS, one week after the date of return, and shall be notified after one week from the date of the first notification, and a week from the date of the second notification.
  •  In case the borrower didn’t respond to the third notification, his membership will be stopped so that he wouldn’t be entitled to borrow thereafter, unless the circumstances beyond his control had caused the delay. Also, he is only entitled to borrow after bringing the borrowed book or compensation in the event of loss, and pay the amounts incurred due to delay.
  • The person late on returning the book or other library materials shall pay one hundred fils for each day of delay.
  •  The borrower shall pay the value of the damaged or lost book or another library material to the library.
  •  The head of the library may temporarily deprive the beneficiary from borrowing in the following
  • cases:
  • Repetition of not returning the material or library materials after the end of its loan period.
  •  Not responding to the request of returning the material or library materials.
  • Failure to pay the fine for delay or the compensation for loss of material or library materials.
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