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About Parliamentary Library

​​​The Parliamentary Library is a specialized center for information, studies and legal researches for the Parliamentarians. It is administered by the Research and Studies Department of the Shura Council’s Assistant General Secretariat for Relations Affairs, Media and Research.

The Library was established in 2016 to serve the Council members and their working teams, the Legal Advisors of the Council and employees thereof, as well as researchers and scholars from outside the Council. In addition, the library plays an archival role by preserving the documents related to the Parliamentary functions.

To start with the library started by holding about 4000 titles in general and specialized information through books, references, periodicals and researches in their ordinary and electronic form.

The Library’s Organizational Structure

The Parliamentary Library is structurally associated with the Research and Studies Department which is under the Assistant General Secretariat of Relations, Media and Research Affairs.


To be a leading and distinctive library and a unique model at the local, regional and global levels by providing outstanding sources and information services to provide a cultural environment which supports and deepens parliamentary, legislative and political objectives.


To provide the latest knowledge sources from books, periodicals, references and researches to build a balanced and comprehensive collection of high quality paper and electronic sources, provide advanced information services, collect, organize and arrange information vessels, and facilitate access to it to support the requirements of the parliamentary process.

Targeted Groups:

  • Members of the Shura Council.
  • Legal Advisors of the Shura Council.
  • Employees of the Shura Council.
  • ​Legal Researchers from outside of the Council.


Library’s Functions

The Parliamentary Library seeks to achieve several functions, one of the most important functions of them being providing the information that enables the Council to accomplish its tasks and work efficiently. And to achieve this, the Library works on the following:

  1.  Building a balanced set of sources and information vessels of various topics and focusing on the legal, legislative and political aspect.
  2.  Providing technical reports, statistics and decisions related to the work of the Council.
  3.  Serving the Library’s beneficiaries: who are the members of the Shura Council, employees of the Council, and a group of beneficiaries outside the institution of researchers in the same field.
  4.  Serving research needs and providing time for parliamentarians in the research process through a group of researchers specialized in different thematic areas.
  5.  Providing references services, ongoing briefing services and selective information broadcasting.

Library’s Objectives

  1.  Strengthening and enriching the parliamentary and legislative process as it’s considered a center for the provision of reliable information.
  2.  Providing knowledge materials and information sources in the easiest way and with the least effort and as soon as possible to serve the scientific research through-
  3.  Providing a comprehensive and balanced collections of traditional and digital information sources associated with the research process.
  4.  Providing quality Library services of all kinds in line with the needs and aspirations of the ​Library's beneficiaries.
  5.  Providing an environment conducive to parliamentary and research activities.
  6. Establishing and developing communication and cooperation relations with other information institutions at the local, regional and international levels.


Library’s Instructions

Welcome to the Parliamentary Library
Kindly abide by the following:

  •  To remain completely quiet inside the Library.
  •  Food, drinks and smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Library.
  •  Using mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
  •  Kindly do not return the books to the shelves after use (leave the books on the table)
  •  Keep the place clean.
  •  Copying entire materials (books, audiovisual material) which are protected according to intellectual property rights.
  •  To not take out any of the Library’s holdings without informing the Library staff.
  •  To preserve the Library’s holdings of devices, tools, furniture and information sources.
  •  The computers available in the Library are for scientific research only, so please do not use them in any other areas.

Library working hours:

Sun-Thu (8 AM- 2PM)

Ask the Library’s specialist

Library telephone No: 17745116
Library President telephone No: 17745115

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