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Shura Council
Jurisdictions and Duties

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain defined the powers and functions of the Shura Council. The Council shall discuss all draft laws and decrees with laws referred to it by the Council of Representatives. The Council shall have the right to accept, amend or reject the draft law and to accept or reject the decree laws. In all cases, His Excellency the President of the Council of Representatives shall transfer it after approval by both Councils to His Royal Highness the Prime Minister to be presented to His Majesty the King for approval.

The constitution also grants the members of the Shura Council the right to propose laws, and fifteen members have the right to request a proposal to amend the constitution. Members of the Shura Council are also entitled to submit written questions to the ministers who shall submit their answers written as well.

The Council is also keen to form a special committee to prepare a draft of the response to the royal speech of His Majesty the King to mark the opening of all sessions.The Council also oversees the budget of the state with its revenues and expenses, through its original role alongside the Council of Representatives in approving the draft of the general budget of the state which is transmitted by the government every two years.

The Prime Minister may make a statement before the Shura Council or one of its committees on topics falling within its jurisdiction, and he also may delegate one of the ministers to undertake the same. He is allowed to discuss the general of the Council or refer it to one of its committees to discuss it and make any comments.

The Shura Council also participates in the representation of the Kingdom of Bahrain in regional and international forums and conferences, which is a real opportunity for the Council to contribute in supporting the Kingdom's position among the developed countries.

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