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The Multimedia section shows a number of visual and audio recordings of the Shura Council Sessions, it also shows the video reports and an electronic archives of photographs for internal and external activities, which the council participated in. This section also offers live broadcasting service for the Council’s weekly session, in addition to educational and interactive programs for all the site visitors. Live Radio Broadcast - Live Visual Broadcast – Documentaries

Live Visual BroadcastLive Visual Broadcast

Live Visual Broadcast

A service offered by the Shura Council for all visitors, where they can see all the proceedings of the session live.



Various documentaries displayed through this link.

We appreciate the participation of those interested in the parliamentary affairs in the dialogue on the important issues, through opening the door wide to all people to communicate with the Council, giving their ideas and proposals in a professional and civilized way, in order to reach a constructive participation of practical viability. Therefore the Council decided to activate the electronic participation through its e-site through a number of ways:
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