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Media Centre
The electronic site include media centre which is considered to be a selective archive of documented photographs for the activities and events carried out by the Shura Chairman, First and Second Deputy Chairman and the Secretary General, in addition to the photographs of the Council Committees demonstrated for visitors. Also those concerned and professionals such as media personnel and journalists; can get original copies through getting in touch with the Council through this Centre.

Media Archive  Media Archive

Media Archive

The media archive section contains an electronic archive with the all activities that Shura Council participated in, either locally or abroad, or via conferences and workshops.

Visual reports  Visual reports

Visual reports

The Visual reports section of the Shura Council briefly reviews the Visual archive of the weekly information issued by the Council, where it shows the viewers the most important subjects and resolutions that were discussed in the Council.

  • Council publication
    This page is providing a set of publications and printings which are issued via the general secretariat of the Shura Council that provides abundant information about the work of the Council and its legislative role.