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Meeting of the Executive Management
The Secretary-General of the Shura Council Hon. Abdul Jalil Ibrahim Al-Tareef, stressed the importance of continuing efforts to improve the performance of departments and sections of the Secretariat, and to recognize their needs related to human resources and training, highlighting the need to complete fully all preparations for the new legislative term.

Furthermore, Hon. Al-Tareef praised the existing cooperation between the departments and sections of the Council’s Secretariat, and the rewarding outcomes of such collaboration and projects that contributes to achieve work flexibility and the established goals to the highest standards of efficiency.

Hon. Secretary-General hailed this morning – during chairing the meeting of the Executive Management – the outcomes of the cooperation between the secretariats of the Shura and Representatives Councils during the previous term, which will continue as well during the coming period, stressing that the achievement of these programs is only a start for bigger cooperation and coordination, pointing in the same context to the importance for supporting the agreement signed between the Shura Council and the United Nations Development Programme, which recently organized a workshop on strategic planning for administrators, managers and department heads of the secretariats of the Shura and Representatives councils.

The meeting discussed training plans for the current year, latest developments and suggestions for developing training programs in the coming years and the cooperation and coordination between various sections of the council.

The meeting also reviewed reports on employees' discipline, praising the proper commitment of all staff of the Secretariat, stressing that this commitment reflects a sense of national responsibility towards the legislature work.

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