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Al-Tareef honors number of employees of the Shura Secretariat

The Secretary General of the Shura Council Mr. Abdul Jalil Ibrahim Al Tareef stressed during honoring a number of staff of the Secretariat, that the Shura Council is seeking through the adoption of these incentives and rewards to encourage staff to work hard and intense to improve the quality of work of the Secretariat of the Shura Council, in support of the work carried out by the members of the Council, which aims to strengthen the democratic experience in the Kingdom.

Mr. Al Tareef stressed during the honoring of staff for their time discipline, and outstanding performance that the human element is the backbone of the work of any institution, expressing confidence that investment in the peoples is what achieves the strategy devised for the Secretariat.

And stressing once again that the Secretariat of the Shura Council seeks to provide all possibilities to employees, to walk them through this direction by creating incentives and motivation rewards to increase staff efficiency and enhance their interest in their duties to raise the level of performances and improve the quality of services.

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