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Technological Creativity Award for The Arab Parliaments Category - 2009

Qudhaibiyah  -  Shura Council

The Shura Council website won the Electronic Government Award for the year 2009.

Commenting on this achievement, The Secretary General of the Shura Council Abdul Jaleel Ebrahim Al-Toraif said that, the winning of the Electronic Government Shield for the category of Arab Parliaments for the year 2009, by the Shura Council website (WWW.SHURA.BH)is a result of the support enjoyed by the General Secretariat from the Council Speaker Mr. Ali Saleh Al-Saleh, and the continuous efforts of the personnel of Shura Council General Secretariat, and especially the Information Technology Directorate.

He added that, the achievements of the website put additional responsibility on the shoulders of the General Secretariat to maintain the site’s progress and to achieve more in other fields.

The Secretary General of the Shura Council valued the cooperation and co-ordination between the General Secretariat’s Directorates and the IT Directorate to enrich the site and provide it with the latest news and events, in a manner that highlights the outstanding progress of the Council. He also praised the IT Directorate’s initiatives aimed at offering more services to the Council members and to the visitors and browsers of the site.

The Acting Director of IT, Mrs. Abeer Abdulla Al-Obaidli received the Award in a Ceremony in the Lebanese Capital (Beirut) attended by representatives of Arab governments, parliaments, official municipal and development institutions and organizations from Arab countries.

It is noteworthy that, the Arab Electronic Government Award established by the Arab Organization for Management Development, affiliated to the Arab League, in conjunction with the Internet Awards Academy seeks to enhance government websites and encourage creativity in the design of these sites.

The Award is also aimed at honoring the best website designed on the basis of international criteria for electronic government sites, and to discover and enhance the spirit of creativity, the creative brains working in the field of electronic government, and to encourage the Arab states to participate in the Digital World.

The President of the Internet Awards Academy Mr. Peirre Mekarzal had congratulated the Shura Council for winning this Award, stating that this ceremony was held by the Arab Organization and the Academy to honour those who were distinguished in the design and development of government websites and those involved in running these sites.

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