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Secretary General of the Shura Council: the Shura Council Website Wins the 2011 Gulf E-Government Award

Secretary General of the Shura Council: Encouragement by the Council Speaker of the modernization development had a great impact in the realization of this achievement.

The Secretariat General of the Shura Council made great contributions over the past years by relentless support of international trends for propagation of technological awareness and culture among its employees.

His Excellency Mr. Abdul Jallil Ibrahim Al-Turaif, Secretary General of the Shura Council lauded the generous care that all departments and divisions of the Secretariat General of the Shura Council receive from His Excellency Mr. Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, Speaker of the Shura Council, whose solicitous care and attention had the greatest impact as an incentive to the employees to exert their best effort and achieve the best results. All this has qualified the Secretariat General to land several awards in the field of information technology. He highlights the fact that the Secretariat General has attained thanks to this care a new achievement by causing the electronic portal of the Shura Council the 2011 Gulf E-Government Award, which was organized in the State of Kuwait under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Nasir bin Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber, the Prime Minister of Kuwait, with the objective of encouraging government organizations in the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council to employ information technology in government operations and businesses in order to meet the objectives of electronic government systems.

His Excellency Mr. Abdul Jallil Ibrahim Al-Turaif, Secretary General of the Shura Council, drew attention to the fact that the award landed by the Shura Council Site: has established criteria and standards for the award based on the best practices applied globally in the field of evaluation of information technology projects, especially those used by a number of international specialized organizations such as the United Nations.

Al-Turaif stated that the Secretariat General of the Shura Council has contributed over the past years by supporting the international trend which involves spreading technological awareness and culture among its staff. He stressed the need to sustain this methodology which is regarded as one of the most important components which will set the general public apart by the year 2030, thereby help in achieving the Kingdom’s economic vision with high caliber human and developmental capacities. Al-Turaif greatly appreciates and values the efforts exerted by the Council’s information technology department officials and employees in collaboration with the other departments, which efforts are designed to have the   e-site keep pace with the development movement, provision of the state of the art technologies and services in order to promote and advance its technical standards.

He further expressed his unlimited pride in the national qualifications and their role in supporting the parliamentary progress in the Kingdom. He highlighted the fact that the encouragement offered by the Speaker of the Shura Council for the development and modernization of the Council’s Secretariat General had the greatest impact on attaining this high standards of expertise, skills and responsibility realized by the staff of the Information Technology Department and which qualified the electronic website to earn several awards at the local, Arab and regional levels. The award was received on behalf of the Shura Council by Dr. Ahmad Abdulla Nasir, Assistant Secretary General for Parliament Affairs, and Mrs. Abeer Abdulla Al-Obaidly, acting manager of the Information Technology Department, during the grand celebration organized in the Kuwaiti capital amid massive participation by representatives of the governments, official, municipal and developmental organizations and commissions in the GCC states.

The conference, which lasts for three days, is organized by the Central Agency for Information Technology in the sisterly State of Kuwait as part of the GCC states interest in implementation of e-government programs, introduction of and acquaintance with the digital projects and programs which have been implemented in the GCC, in addition to exchange of information, ideas and practical and scientific expertise between them.

The conference also discusses the challenges of e-government applications faced by the GCC states, offers solutions thereto, in addition to addressing the best practices for human capacity building in the information and communications technology of the government sector employees, giving priority to development of government services by shedding light on ways and means for achieving digital awareness and boosting the utilization of information technology confidence in all sectors of the society.

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