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Coordinating with UNDP

Al-Tareef and Al-Mahmoud stressed the importance of activating the cooperation agreement with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

The Secretaries-General of the Shura and Representatives Councils confirmed the importance of technical support provided by UNDP directed to move the legislative work towards greater efficiency and effectiveness

Noting in this regard the intention of both secretariats, under the directives of the Chairmen of the Shura and Representatives Councils , Their excellencies Ali Bin Saleh Al Saleh and Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Dhahrani, to continue their cooperation with UNDP to provide the employees of both councils the best quality service and professionalism based on Bahrain parliamentary experience and other countries of the world, with a view to promoting the significant role played by Honourable Members of the Councils, pointing to the importance of organizing courses and workshops to develop the skills of supportive staff in the two councils’ secretariats.

During the meeting with the representatives of UNDP, they reaffirmed the importance of using the agreement in the development of the administrative system of the Shura and Representatives Councils.

The meeting also discussed how to develop training, research and studies, which would contribute to strengthen the abilities of the staff that will mirror positive impact on facilitating the task undertaken by members of the Shura and Representatives Councils to do their legislative and oversight duties.

It is noteworthy that the cooperation agreement signed between the Shura and Representatives Councils and UNDP aims to continue building the abilities of both Secretariats and councilors; improve management skills, and prepare a comprehensive training program for all staff of the Secretariats, as well as an induction booklet for the new staff.

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