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Meeting of the Executive Management at the Shura Council

The Secretary General of the Shura Council Hon. AbdulJalil AlTareef stressed the ongoing development and enhancement of secretariat staff for the purpose of preparation for the upcoming 3rd legislative session, and in order to best support and assist members of the Shura Council.

During the meeting of the executive management of the Shura Council, Hon. Al-Tareef underlined the Chairman’s directives which aim to enhance and improve the level of the Secretariat staff on various levels through proving training programs to boost the capabilities and initiate a spirit of creativity.

Hon. Secretary General stressed on the importance of communication and cooperation with the Secretariat of the Council of Representatives to carry out joint projects, praising in this context the steps taken by the Parliamentary relations and Media Directorates in both councils, to strengthen their cooperation.

The meeting also reviewed the preparations, arrangements, programs, plans and practices for the upcoming legislative session, and praised the new organizational procedures which took place at the secretariat.

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