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Bahraini attends IPU's Governing Council session

Members of the Bahraini parliamentary delegation participated in the 202nd session of the Governing Council held here on 28 March, on the sidelines of the 138th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
The session of the Governing Council discussed a number of reports of the Inter-Parliamentary Union's specialized meetings, the Committee also discussed the implementation mechanism of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Strategy for the years 2017 to 2021, which aims to build strong and democratic parliaments, promoting the protection and respect of human rights, supporting youth, women equality and their empowerment, working towards achieving the goals of sustainable development, and contributing to security and peace.
The Governing Council, in its 202nd session, also discussed the resolutions adopted by the Parliamentarian Commission on Human Rights, and a report on cooperation with United Nations organizations. The Governing Council addressed the recent activities of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Sub-Committees such as the Women Parliamentarians' Forum, the Human Rights Committee and the Middle East Affairs Committee.
The 138th General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union concluded its work by adopting the resolution of the Standing Committee on Peace and International Security, and the resolution of the Standing Committee on Sustainable Development, Economy and Trade. Amendments of the young participating parliamentarians in the Union's society were adopted within the statute of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

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