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Shura’s first deputy chairman calls for protecting Palestinians

Shura Council’s First Deputy Chairman, Jamal Mohammed Fakhro, has asserted that the Palestinian issue has been and will remain the central cause of the Arab and Islamic nations until the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the June 4, 1967, borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative, the two-state solution, the international legitimacy principles and the relevant UN resolutions.

 In a statement he delivered while chairing Bahrain’s parliamentary delegation to the 28th extraordinary session of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU), Fakhro condemned the Israeli Occapation Forces’ flagrant violations of all international and Arab peace initiatives and treaties, noting that the adoption by the Israeli Knesset of the so-called «Jewish Nation-state Bill», proves anew Israel’s determination to continue ignoring and defying the International Community.

 He added that the bill embodies the extremism of the Zionist authorities (Parlaiment and government) through legitimising the practice of Apartheid against all non-Jewish people.

 Fakhro added that the bill, which bears all the hallmarks of the crime against the Palestinians, stipulates that the exercise of of self-determination in Israel is an exclusive right of the Jewish people, supports the settlements and legitimises the theft of the Palestinian land from its owners.

 He stressed that the bill, in its essence, is racist and discriminatory as it violates the right of human beings to self-determination, prevents the use of their language and undermines their belonging to their identity, nationality, culture and civilisational heritage.

 Shura’s first deputy chairman called on the world to impose sanctions on the Occupation authorities to oblige them to abide by the International Legitimacy, noting that the Palestinians are there to stay, and are ready to make all sacrifices to liberate their land and set up their state.

 He called on the Palestinian leaders to rally together and put aside their differences for the best interests of the Palestinian people, welcoming the reconciliation efforts exerted by Egypt.

 He urged Arab Parliaments to work on providing the international protection for the brotherly Palestinian people in light of the current conditions and circumstances and to exert the necessary political pressure to ensure the implementation on the UN General Assembly’s June resolution.

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