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‘Bahrain acted as unified front in facing foreign agendas'

Head of the parliamentary delegation to the Arab parliamentary symposium on the "Current Arab Situation", Ahmed Ibrahim Bahzad stressed that Arab countries are still under continuous external threats.

Bahzad gave a brief overview of Bahrain’s experience in facing foreign ambitions, affirming the full awareness of Bahrain’s leadership and people in thwarting the penetration attempts, noting that the kingdom, while facing those threats, was carrying out a pan-Arab mission to "cut off" foreign hands and prevent them from entering the Arabian Gulf and then the Arab world.

He pointed out that Bahrain mobilised all its sectors and authorities, and acted as one front, under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, in the face of challenges, noting that HM the King put forward a political vision thanks to which Bahrain has overcome successive crises and managed to fend off the sinful attempts to infiltrate foreign agenda into the Arabian Gulf gate, Bahrain.
He stressed that Bahrain has not managed to thwart the malicious foreign threats and ambitions easily, stressing that the leadership and people of Bahrain exerted strenuous efforts and made huge sacrifices in this regard.

He affirmed that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, namely Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Oman, proved that they are the bulwark and strategic depth for every Arab country.

He stressed that Bahrain has succeeded in presenting itself as a role model for a sober state with a solid structure and effective regional relations, which has enabled it to overcome the crisis successfully, and to carry on its development process thanks to the wisdom of its leadership, determination of its people, awareness of its authorities of their patriotic roles and the unlimited support from its GCC and Arab strategic depth.

Bahzad made a number of recommendations during the symposium, including the need to develop school curricular to foster patriotism and citizenship, immune youngsters against manipulation attempts by local and foreign sides, strengthen Arab cohesion to face foreign ambitions collectively, enhance cooperation between the Arab League and the Secretariat-General of the GCC to put forward a media plan to safeguard Arab countries against hostile media campaigns and develop the religious discourse to ensure that it does not incite violence, terrorism, hate, fanaticism or sectarianism.
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