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Bahrain participates in IPU's 145th assembly

Shura Council First Deputy Chairman Jamal Mohammed Fakhro headed the participating delegation in the 145th General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).
Fakhro said that Bahrain's hosting of the IPU Assembly on March 11-15 will highlight the principles and values of coexistence, tolerance and dialogue, and support the foundations of the IPU.
He invited, on behalf of Parliament, all heads and representatives of parliaments of the world to participate in enriching parliamentary dialogues and add to the successes achieved by the IPU over 133 years.
The first deputy chairman said that the topic that was approved for the 146th General Assembly in the Kingdom is: Promoting Peaceful Coexistence and Inclusive Societies: Combating Intolerance.
Fakhro noted that the choice of this topic was based on the principles and values established in Bahrain throughout history as a place of civilizations, sects and religions, and a hub of peace, coexistence and dialogue.
He pointed out that the preparations has started months ago to host the upcoming General Assembly of the IPU.

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