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The GCC Parliamentarian Women site won its first award in the second session of the Arab e-government Shield Award

The GCC Parliamentarian Women site won its First Award in the Second Session of the Arab e-government Shield Award, which was held in Sharm El-Shaikh in Egypt on 28th September, with the participation of 12 Arab countries.

The award was received by the Director of Information Technology at the Shura Council and Project Manager of Parliamentarian Women Network Mrs. Abeer Abdullah Al-Obaidli, amid a significant presence, including a number of Representatives of Governments, Parliaments and Official bodies in Arab countries.

The award was presented by the Director General of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, which follows the Arab League, Dr. Rifaat Faouri, and the President of the Internet Awards Academy in the Arab region Mr. Pierre Macrezel.

Mrs. Al-Obaidli indicated winning the award for the GCC Parliamentarian Women Network ( is an achievement cherished by all those involved in the network, also it is a strong motivation to accomplish the goals of the site, and work to support and strengthen it, to be able to continue and develop in the future, relating the success to the great support provided by the Chairman of the Shura Council and the noble objectives of the network.

Mrs. Al-Obaidli expressed thanks and appreciation to the members of the network activation committee for their considerable efforts and the valuable guidance during the development of the network provided by the member of the Shura Council honorable Dr. Aysha Salem Mubarak, who was behind the idea of creating a network of Parliamentarian Women. Mrs. Al-Obaidly also thanked all network updaters from various departments, who contributed with their efforts to enrich the network with information and necessary news.

Mrs. Al-Obaidly noted the Shura Council cared for the network since its inception in 2009 under the patronage of the Wife of His Majesty and Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Women Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeekha bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, and adopted this project and provided commitment throughout this period to offer best services and information, and provide support to this unique e-forum, and a one of its kind in the Arabian Gulf.


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