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Bahraini Women's Day
The Second Deputy Chairman of the Shura Council Dr. Bahiya Jawad Al jeshi, stressed the importance of Bahraini women role in growth and urban development in the Kingdom, and the efforts exerted in various economic, social and education fields, noting that the success achieved by women over the past is the product of her struggle for decades to prove her worth and competence to take responsibility alongside men and participate in building, developing and serving the country.

Dr. Al-jishi pointed out - during a ceremony held by the Secretariat of the Shura Council to celebrate Bahraini Women's Day, and the beginning of the third legislative term, in presence of a number of members, Hon. Secretary General of the Shura Council, managers and sections heads and a number of staff of the Secretariat, that the place of Bahraini woman in the reform project of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa is the place which she aims for in the community, especially it attains the ambition of Bahraini women to be in the lead, and consider her educational and social role as a leading role which contribute in boosting and honoring the country.

Dr. Al-Jishi underlined that the attention of the wife of His Majesty and Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Women Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, has given impetus to efforts to promote women and strengthen their capabilities and capacities, asserting the efforts exerted by Her Highness in supporting women economically, socially, and politically, and seeking her empowerment.

Dr. Al-Jishi added that the role and performance of Bahraini woman was appreciated and admired by everyone, not only at local level but also at the regional and international arena.

Dr. Al-Jishi also praised the role of women in the Secretariat of the Shura Council, who was a key partner in many achievements of the Council, and her dedication to the duties and excellent performance in carrying out daily tasks, was an example of Bahraini women in their work, pointing out that the day of Bahraini women is an opportunity to extend thanks and gratitude to the staff of the Secretariat for their sincere efforts in supporting the members of the Shura Council.

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