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HM King Hamad exchanges Congratulatory cables with Shura Council Chairman

Manama, Sept. 15 (BNA)—His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received today a cable of congratulations from Shura Council Chairman H.E. Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh marking the International Day of Democracy which is celebrated on September 15 of every year.

The Shura Council Chairman took pride in the kingdom’s democratic achievements brought about by the royal reform project to boost parliamentary work and political participation.He also hailed steps taken to allow national competencies to take part in the kingdom’s development march, boost democracy and respect the rights of citizenship through participation in the National Consensus Dialogue.

He pledged to go ahead in promoting the democratic march in Bahrain so as to meet the aspirations of the Bahraini people.HM King Hamad sent a reply cable to the Shura Council Chairman thanking him for his congratulatory cable.He lauded Bahrain’s various achievements stressing dialogue as the pathway to growth and stability and describing the legislative power as a vivid evidence of the civilizational path being followed by the Kingdom.

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