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HM King Hamad Hails the Parliament's Role

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa today hailed the key role played by the Legislative power in Bahrain in enacting legislations, controlling and scrutinising.

HM King Hamad took pride in the Members of Parliament (MPs)'s contributions for the sake of the citizens and the nation, wishing this exemplary march of giving to continue to realize more achievements.

This came as HM King Hamad received today at Al Safriya Palace the Shura Council Chairman Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh and the Representatives Council Chairman Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Dhahrani ; the two councils' Reply to HM the King's Inaugural Speech at the fourth session of the second legislative term committees' members.

"Our national unity is the source of our pride and we have to safeguard and consolidate it," HM the King said, lauding the MPs' successful efforts, supporting the developmental and economic march in the kingdom. HM King Hamad also expressed satisfaction over the achievements realized during the fourth session of the second legislative term. In the same context, HM the King asserted that both councils have reinforced the kingdom's relations with many countries and defended Arab and Islamic causes.

HM King Hamad called for the need to enhance and activate cooperation between the legislative and executive powers, affirming that complementarity, the one-team spirit and prioritizing the national interests are the only means to serve the public and achieve better living standards for the citizens. "We are resolved to achieve our national goal of building a better future for our citizens and we need to work as one-family society to do that," HM King Hamad added.

In the meeting, HM King Hamad praised the two councils' replies and constructive suggestions aiming to serve the nation and the citizen, upgrade performance, consolidate democracy and broaden the public participation in the decision making. The two Councils' Chairmen extended their thanks to HM King Hamad and lauded his follow-up of the parliament's daily work.

In its reply to HM King Hamad's speech, the Shura council vowed to do everything possible in order to meet the citizens' expectations of comprehensive development in line with the Economic Vision of Bahrain, 2030, promote democratic values, protect the national acquisitions, safeguard the constitutional system of the kingdom and adhere to the cooperation between the Parliament and the government.

The Shura Council also hailed HM King Hamad's keenness to support needy people and upgrade the status of the middle class. The council also praised the government's tremendous efforts to develop the economy, reduce unemployment rate, and protect the rights of women and guard human rights.

On the other hand, the Representatives Council expressed its full support for HM King Hamad's policies aiming to ameliorate the citizens' living standards and upgrade the national action. The Council praised HM King Hamad's support for the independence of the judiciary as a means to achieve justice which solidifies stability and security.

The Council also appreciated HM King Hamad's aspiration to realize comprehensive security and stability in the Gulf region, which will unify the Gulf countries and bring about prosperity to their peoples. In this regard, the Council thanked HM King Hamad and other GCC leaders for their efforts to lead the region towards more progress and prosperity.

Royal Court Minister, State Minister for the Shura and Representatives Councils' Affairs and HM the King's Advisor for Legislative Affairs were present.

Page last updated on: 05/02/2018 12:04 PM