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Shura Council's Website Wins The Best Project Award Of The Arab E-Content
H.E. Ali Bin Saleh Al Saleh, Chairman of the Shura Council stressed the great importance played by the websites for the dissemination of cultural achievements of the Kingdom in all fields, noting that these sites would reflect the bright image reached by Bahrain, if the achievements of the reform project of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa were highlighted.

This came during His Excellency 's meeting with the Secretary-General of the Shura Council the Honorable Mr. Abdul Jalil Ibrahim Al-Tareef, the Assistant Secretary-General for human resources, finance and information the Honorable Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hardan, Acting Director of Information Technology Ms. Abeer Al-Obaidly and systems specialist Ms. Fatima Khiyami who presented to His Excellency (the Arab award of Golden portion) won by the Shura Council site from the Arbitration Commission of the Arab Organization for information and communication, as the best Arab project for e-content, and received by H.E. during the conference on information and communications for the Middle East and North Africa, MENA ICT for 2010, amid presence of senior officials which included personalities from different sectors of the Arab world and IT and communications specialists.

His Excellency The Chairman of the Council stressed the importance of the Shura Council's website which is an integrated electronic vital reference that provide visitors with its activities, events and news of the Shura Council, it is an integrated library in terms of data and information of members of the council, expressing his pride in the competencies of the Council, which contributed to attaining the Award for Best e-content, considering that this certificate is the reason for pride, pointing the importance to continue this excellence and achievement in order to highlight the honorable image that reflected in the site of the Shura Council, and about the legislative life and democracy in the Kingdom in light of the overall project of His Majesty the King.

His Excellency the Chairman of the Shura Council said, on this occasion "it is a great honor for the shura council to receive this Arab award, which reflected quite clearly the substance of the legislative work of the members of the Shura Council, for servicing the kingdom and citizens."

Noting that participation in community-building requires the creation of Internet interactive medium to activate communication between the legislative institution and citizens, so as to provide direct information about what is being done in the Council during his tenure, follow up the decisions taken and issued on the development plans in the kingdom.

As well as upgrading the level of legislative activity, pointing out that the site of the Shura Council is a media portal which through it the visitor can identify the activities, programs and achievements of the Shura Council, stressing the great importance of the Internet, which has become nowadays one of the most important mass media, as it become easier for everyone to identify the culture and achievements of the countries, and communicate with others through offering different visions that help creating a distinguished atmosphere of dialogue and exchange of knowledge and cultural heritage.

At the conclusion of the meeting, His Excellency reiterated his thanks for the Secretary-General, and all employees of the Secretariat for the considerable efforts exerted to develop the website of the Council through providing information, expressing his hope to achieve further successes that contribute to the electronic development and success of the kingdom efforts towards e-parliament as the IPU.

For his part, the honorable Mr. Abdul Jalil Ibrahim Al-Tareef, the Secretary-General of the Shura Council stressed that the Secretariat will do everything possible to develop and update the website of the Council, as the legislative front, which represents the Kingdom of Bahrain which reflects the position reached by the legislative authority, He commended the efforts exerted  by the staff of the Secretariat and their excellent work that made the site of the Shura Council score first rank in the field of Arabic e-content.

 It is worth mentioning that the e-portal of the Shura Council designed by adopting the highest standards of universal design, and the adoption of the Microsoft content management e-Sharepoint 2007, which was chosen for its compatibility with systems active in the Council, such as archiving system, and database system, library system, to provide flexibility to internal and external users and to be first gate of its kind between institutions in the Kingdom which uses this technology for Internet services.

This website presents information adequately of His Excellency the Chairman of the Council, and his two deputies and the Secretary-General and members of the Council. It also presents the diaries for the meetings of the Shura Council and national assembly.

In addition to the special pages of the committees which review the statistics and reports of their meetings , topics of each committee,  draft laws under discussion, news and information about its members.

The website contains information center, as an archive of selected documents for the activities of the Council's Chairman , his two vice chairmen and its secretary general, in addition to the pictures of the Council's Committees that visitors can review, also specialists, media people and journalists can obtain original copies through contact with the Council through this section.


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