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Bahrain Parliament and UNDP Sign Cooperation Agreement

Shura Council and Parliament Chairmen Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh and Khalifa Al Dhahrani stressed the need for cooperation among parties working for stronger democracy while adapting new technology to the service of the legislative power.

The legislative power backs up all steps seeking to boost competency of its members and secretariats general staff in support of their legislative and supervisory role, they said commending contribution of the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to sustainable development in many countries across the world.

During the signing of a training agreement between Bahrain parliament and UNDP in the Shura Council building today, which was attended by UNDP Resident Representative Sayed Agha, Shura Council members, mps and senior officials from the two secretariats general, the Shura Council and Parliament Chairmen lauded UNDP instrumental role in the kingdom's development.

They also voiced keenness on true partnership with the programme to benefit from its experience pointing out to the development and modernization process being witnessed by the kingdom thanks to the comprehensive national project of His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa. They underlined the importance of technical support provided by UNDP to enhance effectiveness of the legislative work.

The cooperation agreement signed by Bahrain parliament and UNDP, which will go into effect next year, tunes with the kingdom's 2030 economic vision and aims to continue building up competencies of the legislative power and improve administrative skills of the parliament secretariat general staff, Sayed Agha said.

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