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Bahrain’s coexistence model hailed internationally

 President of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament Senator Silvia del Rosario Giacoppo has stressed the important role that Bahrain has in the region in promoting coexistence.

“The role of Bahrain in the region is crucial and it has made coexistence possible. People of all faiths can live together in peace and all religions coexist peacefully,” she said.

Senator Silvia del Rosario is participating in the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) 146th Assembly and related meetings held in Bahrain.

Serbia National Assembly Member of Parliament Milan Radin also hailed Bahrain’s standing and expressed his positive impressions about the Kingdom.

“If you ask me about Bahrain, we have seen Bahrain is developing. We have seen all the things Bahrain strives to achieve,” he said.

He said that Bahrain is developed so highly that other countries, should look at it as an example to be emulated.

“We think that it is a good cause for other countries, including Serbia, to follow.”

The IPU is an international organization that promotes democratic governance, accountability, and cooperation among its members.

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