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Shura Chairman calls for coordinating Arab stances at parliamentary gatherings

Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Ahmed bin Salman Al-Musallam, has welcomed the heads and representatives of Arab countries’ parliaments and legislative councils who arrived in Bahrain to take part in the 146th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and related meeting, set to be hosted by the kingdom on March 11-15.
Addressing a coordination meeting of the Arab Group ahead of the 146th IPU Assembly, he commended the efforts of Arab parliaments to deepen joint Arab action and enhance their countries’ progress.
He praised the advanced level of the ongoing coordination and coordination among Arab parliaments and legislative countries, noting their unified stances towards Arab issues reflect the major role they are playing in this regard.
He expressed confidence in the Arab Group’s keenness to achieve IPU’s goals of achieving global security and peace, as well as promote dialogue, coexistence and rapprochement.
Shura Council Chairman, Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, headed the kingdom’s delegation to the Arab Group’s meeting.
During the meeting, he stressed the need for Arab parliaments and legislative councils to adopt unified stances and visions at international parliamentary gatherings, affirming the importance of constant cooperation, coordination and consultation among Arab parliamentarians on issues of mutual interest.
He lauded the keenness of Arab parliaments and legislative councils to exchange ideas and coordinate stances, reflecting the deep-rooted approach aimed at unifying Arab parliamentary action, as well as the solid fraternal relations among Arab countries.
He asserted that the kingdom’s legislative branch attaches great importance to activating parliamentary diplomacy and taking advantage of it to strengthen brotherly Arab relations and enhance Arab parliamentary cooperation.​

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