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Call to spread teachings of the Prophet

CLERGYMEN have been urged to spread the teachings of Prophet Mohammed in their sermons to promote unity.

The Shura Council wants them to propagate messages of peace, tolerance and love and not succumb to sectarianism, hate and extremism.

It made the appeal as the Muslim world prepares to celebrate the anniversary of Prophet Mohammed's birthday on Monday.

"Islam calls for openness towards other religions, which it takes high regard of, and the Prophet's birthday is the best time to reflect on the importance of living in peace and harmony," said a statement read out by Council Secretary-General Mr. Abduljalil Al Tareef.

"Religious figures should shun anything that promotes hate, violence and sectarianism and instead focus on unity and protecting the community from division."

Meanwhile, council members praised the role of Bahrain's National Guard, which is celebrating its 17th anniversary. "We are very proud of this national force that has shown its ability to protect Bahrain's achievements over the years," said Mr. Al Tareef.

"We, in the council, are ready to provide it with all help to improve its work - whether it's purchase of new technologies or development of human resources."

Page last updated on: 05/02/2018 12:31 PM