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Help pledge for families of martyred policemen

FAMILIES of security personnel killed on duty could receive more compensation.

Shura Council members have agreed to amend the defence and public security law, following a proposal by woman and child committee vice-chairwoman Dr Jihad Al Fadhel.

It says families of policemen or military personnel killed during confrontations with rioters will be entitled to a one-off pay equivalent to three years' salary, according to their wage at the time of their death. The amendments would also entitle families to receive the person's pension.

"With Bahrain being subject to terrorist acts that aim to spread fear amongst peaceful residents, it is necessary to provide families of security personnel, who are standing against it, with financial protection," said Dr Al Fadhel.

"The government has to support families of those martyrs so that they can live normally after the loss of their breadwinner, and for that special treatment has to be implied in law."

Families presently receive a one-off payment of up to BD18,000, but Dr Al Fadhel wants them to get more.

"The current system is that families receive 80 per cent of the last pay as monthly pension, but the deduction has to be stopped with the government shouldering the difference from the national budget through the Military Pension Fund," she added.

The bill has been referred to Shura Council's legislative and legal affairs committee for further study.

Page last updated on: 05/02/2018 12:31 PM