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Bahraini women's role in decision-making process discussed

​Shura Council members have stressed the pivotal role played by the Supreme Council for Women (SCW), under the leadership of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of HM the King and SCW President, to develop Bahrain women across various fields.
This includes enhancing Bahraini women’s political participation in the decision-making posts, which contributes to increasing their number at leadership positions in the legislative and executive branches, making them active contributors to designing public policies and developing national legislation and laws, they said.
They made the statements as they took part in the webinar organised today by the Shura Council’s Secretariat-General, in collaboration with its SCW’s counterpart.
The online seminar, held as part of the parliamentary support for the SCW members, and in line with the directives of Shura Council Chairman, Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, reviewed the role of Bahraini women in the political decision-making process.
Addressing the webinar, SCW’s Ezzaldin Khalil Al Moayyed highlighted the role of the Legislative Branch in achieving gender balance at the national level in a way that contributes to consolidating women’s status in the positions they hold, as well as their role in the decision-making process.
He stressed the importance of coordinated efforts between the legislative branch and the SCW, noting that about 120 legal tools related to women’s rights have been issued.
He reviewed the main women-related principles included in the National Action Charter and the Constitution, shedding light on the main achievements of women in the political field.
He stressed the SCW’s interest in developing political participation programmes that support women, in addition to its keenness to promote equal opportunities and gender balance cultures, being principles that emanate from the Constitution.
Shura members highlighted the importance of discussing various issues of interest to Bahraini women and society with the SCW, as the best means to develop legislation and laws.

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