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Bahrain call to break blockade
Shura and Parliament members at the session
Bahrain yesterday called for a global campaign to step up pressure on Israel and break the siege on Gaza.

It urged countries of the world to dispatch humanitarian aid-carrying ships to the besieged Palestinians.

A joint delegation comprising Shura Council members and MPs made the call as they were attending the urgent session of Transitional Arab Parliament in Cairo.

The team includes Parliament First Deputy Chairman Ghanim Al Buainin, Shura Second Deputy Chairman Alice Samaan, Head of the Foreign Affairs, Defence And National Security Committee Abdulrahman Jamsheer, and MP Abdulaziz Abul

The delegation urged a joint pan-Arab campaign in co-ordination with friendly countries to tear down the segregation wall in occupied West Bank.

It reiterated Bahrain's strong condemnation of Israel's deadly raid on the Freedom Flotilla.

It also urged a strong pan-Arab support for Turkey to sue the Israeli leaders in the International Court of Justice.

A proposal to set up a joint Arab delegation to go to Turkey and condole on the peace activists' deaths was also suggested.

A similar delegation will also head to besiege Gaza in solidarity with the Palestinians under the blockade.

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