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Bahrain School Students' Visit to Shura Council

In the frame of the cooperation exerted by the secretariat of the Shura Council to inform and enlighten students about the legislative work and the important role played by the members of the Shura Council through presenting bill proposals, enactment of laws, and regulations amendments, the Secretariat of the Shura Council received a delegation of students from Bahrain School, where they were given a brief about the mechanism of the Council's work and its significant role as being a Council that possesses experience, experts, prudence and knowledge and integrating with the elected Council of Representatives.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Relations and Media Directorate presented a brief and glimpse about the work of the Shura Council and the stages it went through, since establishment in 1993.  Also a little history was given to the students in regard to His Majesty's accession to the throne, and the work His Majesty achieved through taking the country into a leap steps to develop its political system in accordance with the modern democratic fundamentals.

The students also toured the Council where they visited the weekly meeting hall, Committees building and were given a short summary regarding legislative relation between the Shura and the Representatives Councils, and procedures and processes followed for presenting draft laws and bill proposals until their endorsement by His Majesty the King.

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