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Bahraini Parliamentary Delegation Takes Part In the 4th Conference- Geneva
MP Latifa Al Qaoud gave a presentation on the problems faced by women as parliament members and as runners in elections, affirming that despite similarities, each individual country has its own problems.

This came as part of the Bahraini parliamentary delegation's current participation in the 4th conference of the members of the Parliamentary Committee In Charge of Gender Equality, held in Geneva on September 28- 29, 2009.

Bahraini women, for instance face problems different from their counterparts in Asia, Africa or Europe because of the differences in social values, cultures and traditions, she said. Like any woman in the gulf, Bahraini women suffer from the lack of social and political awareness about women's role as effective partners in construction, the burgeoning parliamentary experience in Bahrain and the dominating politicized Islamic attitudes that reduce the chances of women in obtaining votes, she added.

 It is worth noting that Bahrain is participating in the event with a delegation headed by mp Dr. Bahiya Al Jishi.

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