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Shura Council eulogizes HRH Prince Khalifa

The Shura Council has eulogized His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, stressing that he was a true patriotic symbol who guided government action with wisdom, skills, aptitudes, right approaches and robust principles.
The Council, holding its regular weekly session, issued a statement mourning HRH Prime Khalifa who passed away on Wednesday as a Bahraini icon who put the country and the citizens at the top of his priorities throughout 50 years of continuous devotion to the nation.
The feelings of pain and sorrow that Bahraini citizens have shown and their expressions of condolences and sympathy are a great indication of the prominent position that HRH Prime Khalifa holds in the hearts of the people and a reflection of his prominent role in elevating the status of the nation, the statement said.
"We, in the Shura Council, recall with pride and gratitude HRH Prince Khalifa's tireless endeavors to strengthen the relationship between the legislative and executive branches and provide all means of support to enable everyone to assume their roles with effectiveness and generosity. He held a firm belief that concerted efforts and steady cooperation can achieve comprehensive progress for the beloved country."
HRH Prince Khalifa possessed the ability to bring together all segments and components of the Bahraini society, the statement added.
"He was keen to meet them through his weekly majlis that embodies a model for a harmonious and compassionate society. HRH was known for his love for, and closeness to, everyone and for his keenness to share with the people their various events and to visit the various regions and villages to know about their needs and direct their implementation and inclusion in the government action plans."

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