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Landmark deal on rights co-operation


SHURA Council has signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Institute of Human Rights to reinforce future co-operation between the two bodies.

Council chairman Ali Saleh Al Saleh and institute president Dr Abdulaziz Abul signed the MoU yesterday as the council celebrated the end of its four-year term.

Meanwhile, two parliamentary bills dealing with a proposed national non-compulsory savings fund and discount cards for pensioners to be used in private stores were shelved, despite MPs approving them twice.

Shura also rejected a proposal from its woman and child committee chairwoman Rabab Al Arrayedh to amend the criminal procedures law, which would have allowed suspects in custody more rights.

Interior Ministry Assistant Under-Secretary for Legal Affairs Brigadier Mohammed Buhamood told council members that it would have been too difficult to implement.

Council members did, however, approve a Royal Decree aimed at tackling terrorism funding by restricting the ways organisations can collect money from the public and re-approved a new commercial fraud law, following amendments, targeting those who cheat consumers by falsely marketing products.

Page last updated on: 05/02/2018 12:33 PM