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Council's Office Statement - 4 March 2013

The Bureau of the Council held its meeting this morning under the Chairmanship of H.E. Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, in presence of First Deputy Chairman Jamal Fakhro, Heads of Standing Committees, Secretary General and the Legal Advisor of the Council.

Then, the Bureau looked into the incoming letters and took the necessary action, and reviewed the reports of the Inter-Parliamentary Division of the Kingdom of Bahrain concerning participating in international conferences and forums.

In this regard, the Bureau praised the efforts exerted by members of the Shura and Representatives Councils, which reflects Bahrain's stance and political significance in addition to the confidence in its parliamentary experience. 

The Bureau reviewed a number of draft laws and bill proposals which are under study by Council's committees. The Bureau approved the agenda for the next session of the Shura Council, which included a number of draft laws as follows, approving the agreement between Bahrain and Estonia concerning avoiding double taxation and financial evasion on income tax,  and amending some provisions of law no. (60) for 2006, concerning reorganization of legislation and legal opinion commission. In addition to two draft laws amending some provisions of criminal procedures law and judiciary authority law.

Furthermore, the report of the Public Utilities and the Environment Committee regarding a draft law restricting non-Bahrainis ownership of constructed real estates and non-investment residential lands, as well as a number of reports of parliamentary delegation taking part in international parliamentary forums and seminars.

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