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Council's Office Statement - 31 December 2012

The Chairman of the Shura Council H.E. Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, chaired Council's Bureau meeting this morning, in presence of First Deputy Chairman Jamal Fakhro, Second Deputy Chairman Dr. Bahiya Al-Jishi, heads of Standing Committees, the Secretary General, and the Legal Adviser of the Council.

The Bureau stressed the draft reply to the speech of His Majesty bore the visions and aspirations of the Shura Council, it included all opinions and thoughts of the members of the Council.  In this regard, the Bureau agreed on the draft reply that was discussed in the last session.

The Bureau in this aspect, praised the efforts exerted by the members of the reply committee, and their sincere endeavors and dedication to the work they have been assigned to.

The Bureau of the Council reviewed the incoming letters from the First Deputy Chairman, regarding Friendship Committees, stressing the importance of these committees in bolstering the friendship cooperation and coordination relations with other countries' parliament.

Then the Bureau reviewed statistical statements regarding draft laws that are still under study by the Council committees, and those to be included on the agendas of the forthcoming meetings of the Council.

The Bureau agreed to include in the next session the draft laws approving the two agreements regarding the loan and guarantee water network development project between Kingdom of Bahrain and the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development, the draft law approving the agreement between Kingdom of Bahrain and Korea concerning avoiding double taxation and Money tax evasion, and the draft law approving the agreement between Kingdom of Bahrain and India regarding exchange of information regarding taxes.

The next agenda also included the report of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee regarding issuing reform and rehabilitation institutions law and a draft law regarding organization of penitentiary institutions.

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