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Council's Office Statement - 4 February 2013

The Bureau of the Shura Council held a meeting on Monday morning, chaired by First Deputy Chairman hon. Jamal Mohammed Fakhro, in presence of the Second Deputy Chairman hon. Bahiya Al-Jishi, Heads of Standing Committees, and hon. the Secretary General, and the Legal Adviser of the Council.

At the beginning of the meeting the Bureau reviewed items on agenda, and was briefed on the statistical statements regarding draft laws that are still under study by the Council committees, and those waiting to be included on the agendas of the forthcoming meetings of the Council, as well as subjects deferred from the previous session.

The Bureau also reviewed a list of members' participations in forums and meetings and apologized members.
Before the end of the meeting, the Bureau of the Council approved the draft agenda of the next meeting, which included the report of the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee concerning the draft law amending some provisions of the judiciary authority law.

The Bureau also included in the agenda 3 reports of the Public Utilities and the Environment Committee concerning 3 draft laws in regard to organizing fishing and exploitation and protection of sea resources, amending some provisions of rules of the public organization for sea ports and organization of sea sand dredging process and selling it.

The Bureau also approved including the report of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee concerning amending some provisions of criminal procedures law.

In addition to taking final opinion on the draft law approving Bahrain's joining UN convention regarding International Sale Contracts for Goods (Vienna Convention, 1980).

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