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Council's Office Statement - 27 January 2013

During its meeting on Sunday afternoon, the Bureau of the Shura Council, chaired by H.E. Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh and in the presence of First Deputy Chairman hon. Jamal Mohammed Fakhro, Heads of Standing Committees, and hon. the Secretary General, and the Legal Adviser of the Council.

At the beginning of the meeting the Bureau reviewed the incoming messages, including the message of the Secretary General of Arab Parliamentary Union Mr. Noureddine Bouchkouj regarding the continuation of the Israeli authorities in their policy to violate parliamentary immunity, where the Bureau confirmed in this regard, that the Palestinian cause is a central issue in the conscience of the people of Bahrain, noting at the same time the firm stance of the Kingdom of Bahrain toward the Palestinian issue, which reflects the conviction that the Palestinian people need security and stability, pointing out that the Kingdom of Bahrain supports the peaceful attitude to resolve the Palestinian issue, and supports the Palestinian people in restoring all their legitimate rights and establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Bureau of the Council stressed legislature's stance, calling for the unification of Arab and Muslim parliamentary efforts in all international forums to call for the release of all members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, detainees in Israeli jails, calling the Israeli occupation authorities to desist from violating the parliamentary immunity to members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

On the other hand, the Bureau reviewed another letter received from the Secretary General of the Arab Parliamentary Union concerning a note relating a draft work of the Union in 2013  - item 10 of the draft of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the union website. The Bureau of the Council praised the great efforts exerted by the Arab Parliamentary Union to achieve its objectives, and the establishment of cooperation between parliaments, in addition to the delivery of the just Arab causes of international meetings, and enlist worldwide support, praising the Arab Parliamentary Union well adaptation of the Internet to display the work, plans, reports and statements.

Then members of the Bureau of the Council briefed on the statistical statements regarding draft laws that are still under study by the Council committees, and those waiting to be included on the agendas of the forthcoming meetings of the Council, as well as subjects deferred from the previous session.

Before the end of the meeting, the Bureau of the Council approved the draft agenda of the fifteenth meeting scheduled for Monday 4th February 2013, which will include in addition to the supplementary report of the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee concerning the draft law on combating commercial fraud (prepared in light of the draft law submitted by the Shura Council), the report of the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee concerning the Council of Representatives resolution regarding Shura Council resolve regarding the draft law amending Article (29) of the Civil Service Law issued by law no. (35) of 2006 (amended in light of bill proposals submitted by the Council of Representatives), in addition to a number of international reports of the delegations of the inter-parliamentary division.

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