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Council's Office Statement - 25 November 2013

The Bureau of the Council held a meeting this morning, under the chairmanship of hon. Jamal Moh’d Fakhro  in the presence of the Second deputy of the Chairman, Hon. Dr. Bahiya Jawad Al-Jishi, heads of standing committees, Secretary-General, and the legal advisor of the Council.

The Bureau denounced the report issued by the House of Common in the United Kingdom about Bahrain which was full of mistakes and misinformation about the unfortunate incidents which took place in the recent history of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Bureau then review topics listed on agenda, and reviewed the list of pending draft laws and bill proposals which are still under study at the Council’s committees, and the subjects ready to be included in the agenda of the next session, stressing the importance to clear all pending issues.

The Bureau decided to include the following in the next meeting agenda, as follows:

1. The report of the Services Committee concerning the Decree by Law no. (32) for 2011, amending item (e) of Article (42 ) of Law no. (19 ) for 2006 on the organization of the labor market .

2. The report of the Services Committee concerning a draft law amending some provisions of Law No. (19) for 2006, on the organization of the labor market, (prepared in light of the draft law submitted by the Council of Representatives).

3. The report of the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee regarding the final account of the reserves for future generations for the fiscal year 2011 , after auditing by the National Audit Court.


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