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Council's Office (12th) Statement - 9th January 2012

Meeting No (12), January 9th, 2012 – Second Convening Period – Third Legislative Term

The Bureau of the Council stressed, in its meeting Monday afternoon chaired by the Chairman of the Shura Council HE Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, the Kingdom was able to preserve its national economy achievements thanks to the officials and community efforts, emphasizing the need for the economic policy to be more advanced locally through joint cooperation between government and private sectors.

The Bureau pointed out that damaging the economy would harm every individual, and would take great effort and time to regain its previous stance, stressing the fact in this context that there is a national responsibility sited on the shoulder of everyone in the community for supporting this essential pillar for the country.

This came during reviewing the letter of the Chairman of the Council of Representatives Mr. Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Dhahrani regarding reviving the economic status and addressing the financial crisis, where the bureau praised the efforts exerted by the joint committee through raising recommendations and proposals for boosting the economic situation in Bahrain, and enhance the circumstances of the small and medium business establishments following the aftermath of the recent crisis in the Kingdom.

The bureau of the Council decided to refer the report regarding reviving the economic status and addressing the financial crisis to the financial and economic committee at the Council, and to be discussed during Shura session.

Then the bureau reviewed the letter of the Chairman of the Council of Representatives and head of the executive committee of inter-parliamentary group Mr. Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Dhahrani, regarding drafting standards and mechanism for choosing delegations participating in the regional and international events.

In regard to this aspect, the Bureau stressed adherence to the standards set out for organizing delegation participation in the regional and international seminars and forums, emphasizing the importance to utilize relations with other parliaments to exhibit the bright image of Bahrain, and the successful parliamentary experience supported by the wise leadership, stressing the importance of the international participation to achieve this goal.

Later, the Bureau reviewed the question submitted by Member Sayed Habib Hashim Makki addressed to the minister concerned regarding Government whole debt by the end of 2011.

In this regard, the Bureau stressed the importance of addressing questions to Ministers as a means of oversight over the work of the Government.

Finally, the Council agreed on a number of subjects and issues to be included in the next session of the Shura Council meeting.


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