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Council's Office Statement - 06 January 2014

The Bureau of the Council held a meeting this morning, under the chairmanship of HE Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, in the presence of the First and the Second deputies of the Chairman, respectively, hon. Jamal Moh’d Fakhro and Hon. Dr. Bahiya Jawad Al-Jishi, heads of standing committees, Secretary-General, and the legal advisor of the Council.

The Bureau reviewed the list of pending draft laws and bill proposals which are still under study at the Council’s committees, and the subjects ready to be included in the agenda of the next session, where the bureau stressed on the importance to finish these pending issues.

The Bureau approved the agenda of the next Shura session which included; continuing the discussion about the first supplementary report of the Women and Child Affairs Committee concerning the draft law on the protection of family from violence, (prepared in light of the bill proposal submitted by the Council of Representatives), the report of the foreign affairs, defense and national security committee concerning a draft law regarding protection of state's information and documents, associated with the decree no.118 for 2011, and finally the report of the Services Committee concerning a draft law amending some provisions of the law no.78 for 2006, regarding unemployment insurance, submitted by hon. Member Rabab Al-Orayed.


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