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Al-Saleh emphasizes the importance of supporting the web-sites and utilizing them to serve the path of comprehensive reform and development

Qudhaibiyah  -  Shura Council

His Excellency Ali Saleh Al-Saleh emphasized the role undertaken by websites in supporting positive interaction with the public and their contribution towards the spread of culture and knowledge, indicating the necessity of capitalizing on the technological and informatics development in the Kingdom, and using it in fields that serve the path of comprehensive reform and development led by His Majesty the King.

In his statement on the occasion of the success of the Shura Council website in winning the Fifteenth Middle East Award for Information Technology, for the Electronic Content, in the 16th forum for Electronic Government and Services in GCC States held during the period 22nd to 26th May at Borj Al-Arab (Arab Tower) Hotel in Dubai, His Excellency the Chairman (Speaker) of the Shura Council drew attention to the necessity of keeping pace with the modern age and its progress, and endeavoring to reach the citizens by all available means. He expressed his belief that providing the citizens with correct knowledge about the role of the Legislative Branch and the actual roles and procedures it performs, will encourage their active participation in supporting the efforts of the Legislative Branch to achieve more for the country.

His Excellency also praised the efforts of the staff of Information Technology Directorate of the Council, in cooperation with other directorates, to enable the website to keep abreast with modern developments and provide state of the art technologies and services to upgrade its technical standards. He expressed the Council’s pride of the national competencies and their role in supporting the path of parliamentary work in the Kingdom, stating that the achievements at this level were the results of collective efforts of all concerned, wishing the website staff prosperity and success in achieving further progress.

The Shura Council website had won the Fifteenth Middle East Award for Information Technology For the Best Electronic Content. Mr Abeer Al- Obaidli, Acting Director of Information Technology, received the Award in a ceremony organized by Middle East Institute for Excellence, under the patronage of His Excellency Dr Rashid bin Fahad the UAE Minister of Environment & Water. The ceremony was attended by Dr Anwar Ebrahim, former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, more than 200 personalities representing the heads of government electronic and information technology projects and regional and international media. The Shura Council website is one of the strongest websites in the Kingdom. The website has managed to win several awards and had many achievements for the best electronic content. It offers its visitors various services and information, in addition to communication and continuous support for Council members by enabling them to monitor and follows up various news and reports related to the legislative field, in order to back them up at any time or place.

It is noteworthy that the Middle East Award For Electronic Government & Service is aimed at highlighting the most significant and prominent creative applications and solutions in the field of information & communications technology offered by government and private institutions to provide their users with high quality electronic services.    

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