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Shura Chairman praises HM King’s speech on food security

Shura Council Chairman Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh affirmed that the speech of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, at the opening of the second session of the fifth legislative term of the Shura Council, drew a path for an integrated strategy for food security in the Kingdom, where His Majesty issued directives towards raising the level of food security through implementing a strategic project for national food production that aims to improve the quality of life in Bahrain.
The chairman explained that the year 2020 was described as the year of food crisis as a result of the failure of international trade chains in food and its requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It led to food insecurity and malnutrition, but the Kingdom did not face any shortage in the provision of food; thanks to sustainable government plans, policies and programs.
Al Saleh said that the council’s Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee was assigned to study food security legislative data in Bahrain with government and private agencies and relevant civil society institutions, to know the reality of food security level in the Kingdom, the challenges and obstacles that require measures, support national and civil efforts in sustainable local production, and financing systems for the agricultural, livestock and fisheries sectors that would help achieve sustainable development goals and serve Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.
During his participation in Derasat “Strategies for Achieving National and Regional Food Security: Challenges and Opportunities” Forum, Al Saleh stressed that the council is a major component in the process of construction and development by enacting legislation and amending laws in relation to the issue of food security, such as a proposal for a law on the strategic stockpile of commodities, which was discussed, approved and referred to the  government.
He affirmed that such proposals aim to adopt appropriate solutions to develop areas of self-sufficiency in the food field, the availability of strategic commodities that meet the needs of citizens and residents in a sustainable manner, and controlling these commodities and providing adequate stocks in quantity and quality.

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