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Shura Chairman praises BIPD's initiatives to boost political awareness

Shura Council Chairman Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh has praised the numerous initiatives of Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) to boost political awareness, promote democracy and foster loyalty and patriotism. He described the institute as one of the dividends of the reform project of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa which performs remarkable national roles.
The Shura Council Chairman was speaking as he received today Information Minister Ali bin Mohammed Al Romaihi, the BIPD Board of Trustees Chairman, and board members MP Mohammed Al-Sisi Al Buainin, Dr. Bessam Ismail Al-Binmohammed and Dr. Maha Saleh Al Shehab. He also received the institute’s Executive Director Imen Faisal Janahi. The meeting was held in the presence of Shura Council Second Deputy Chairman Jamila Ali Salman.
The Shura Council Chairman received a copy of the 2021 annual report of BIPD. He pointed out that the qualitative and specialised programmes carried out by the institute play a positive role in enhancing awareness of national responsibility and highlighting the firm foundations of the National Action Charter and the kingdom’s constitution. He indicated that the statistics and detailed data included in the institute’s annual report reflect the sincere efforts made by the Institute’s Board of Trustees, along with the executive management and the Institute’s employees.
The Shura Council Chairman praised the successful plans developed by the Institute to ensure the continuity of training programmes during the coronavirus pandemic and attract academics and specialists to provide various courses and workshops. He praised fruitful cooperation between the Shura Council and BIPD as well as joint coordination to hold the parliamentary support programmes for the council’s members and Secretariat General.
The Shura Council Chairman valued the approval of the institute’s Board of Trustees of the action plan for the next phase in which the Kingdom of Bahrain will hold elections and witness the beginning of a new legislative term in its democratic march. He praised the institute’s keenness to support those wishing to run for the parliamentary and municipal elections through electoral programmes.
For his part, the Information Minister commended the efforts of the Shura Council Chairman and members to modernize the national laws and keep them in tune with the development process in the kingdom. He affirmed BIPD’s keenness on continuous cooperation and coordination with the Shura Council to promote the competence and skills of its members and Secretariat General personnel.

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