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‘Next Parliament must work to support women, children’
The chairperson of the Shura Council’s Committee for Women and Children Affairs yesterday called for a strengthening of legislation related to women and children during the upcoming third parliamentary term.

Chairperson Dalal Jassim Al Zayed called for the next group of lawmakers to continue to work to pass legislation that would benefit women and children and protect their rights.

She added that a draft Children’s Law put together during the last legislative term should be studied and debated over and the work carried out on the legislation by the outgoing Shura Council members should be given due consideration.

Al Zayed affirmed that many hours were spent debating on these subjects and many consultative meetings were held with the relevant agencies and bodies in order to draft new legislation for children and for women.

She explained that several projects and initiatives that would benefit these segments of society were taken up during the second term and the efforts of the members of the committee have been praiseworthy.

She referred specifically to a law relating to the rights of women working in the private sector and stated that this draft law was taken up to ensure that the rights of women are respected at the workplace and that they are given additional benefits to help them, while at the same time ensuring that they fulfill their duties and responsibilities and do not take advantage of these benefits.

Al Zayed also stated that the committee discussed in detail the draft Children's Act and the issuance of a bill on juvenile delinquents. The bill, she said, was sponsored by Alice Thomas Samaan, Dr. Bahia Jawad Al Jishi, and Sayed Hashim Habib Maki – with the committee having completed its reports on the subject.

Many meetings were also held with government and civil societies at which every possible effort was made to discuss the laws related to women and children – including issues relating to child protection and custody.

She added that the committee was also able to delve into issues of importance to people with special needs and related aspects of social, educational and health services.

Page last updated on: 05/02/2018 01:30 PM