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Issuance of Corrective Justice Law for Children hailed

The Shura Council praised the issuance of the royal decree, promulgating the law on corrective justice, which aims to protect children from maltreatment.
The Woman and Childhood Affairs Committee, chaired by Dr. Ibtissam Mohammed Salah Al Dallal hailed the new legislation which complies with the international agreements and conventions, already signed by the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The committee paid tribute to His Majesty the King, praising royal keenness on promoting the rights of the child by issuing the Corrective Justice Law for Children, already endorsed by the Shura Council and Council of Representatives.
It commended the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), which announced the establishment of Corrective Justice Courts for Children, to adjudicate cases arising from crimes committed by children over the age of fifteen at the time of the crime.

Page last updated on: 24/02/2021 11:08 AM