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Shura Council's Services Committee meets today

The Shura Council's Committee on Services, met today presided over by its chairman, Mr. Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Salam, and discussed a bill of law for amending Article No.: 5 of Law No.: 74 for the year 2006 regarding Disabled Persons' Welfare, Rehabilitation and Employment, and another bill of law for cancelling Article No.: 19 of Law No.: 13 for the year 1975 regarding the labor market regulatory law.

The Committee conducted a thorough revision of both bills of law and decided to invite various relevant sides regarding some remarks presented by Council members before the committee's compiling two final draft reports for discussion during upcoming meetings.

Also, the Committee reviewed views presented by relevant bodies regarding bill of law for amending some provisions of Law No.: 19 for the year 2006 and bill law for amending some provisions of Law No.: 13 for the year 1975 for regulating pensions and retirement remuneration for government employees.

The Committee discussed both bills of law in the light of views before deciding on continuing to discuss the articles included in the views of the relevant bodies to determine possibility of introducing the requisite modifications in both bills of law.

The Committee also continued its studying of a proposed bill of law presented from Council member Ms. Rabab Al-Arrayed regarding the amending of some provisions of Decree-by-Law No.: 78 for the year 2006 pertaining to unemployment insurance.

The Committee decided to pose a number of questions seeking explanation of premises of the proposal so as to reach a clear visualization regarding the objectives behind the proposal and the extent of change required to be introduced in the said Decree.

The Committee decided to continue its discussion of a bill of law regarding amending some provisions of the Pensions and Retirement Law for BDF and Public Security Offices issued by Decree-by-Law No.: 11 for the year 1976 whereas the Committee decided to invite the relevant governmental authorities to hear their views regarding the proposed amendment in the said bill of law.

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