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Bahrain participates in Arab Parliament Human Rights Committee virtual meeting

 Head of the Shura Council Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee, lawyer Dalal Jassim Al Zayed, the Deputy Head of the Arab parliament Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Affairs Committee, participated today in the 18th meeting of the Arab Parliament committee in charge of human rights in the Arab World, which was held remotely.
Al Zayed said the meeting shed light on the situation in Yemen and violation of human rights there by Houthi militias, which is being perpetrated against the Yemeni people, women, children and sick people. She pointed out that the meeting, which convened at an invitation by the Arab Parliament Speaker, also cast light on the situation in Libya and the efforts made to achieve security and stability to the Libyan people.
Al Zayed pointed out that the committee underscored the need to back security, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Yemen. She noted that the committee welcomed announcing a comprehensive ceasefire in Yemen by the coalition supporting legitimacy there so as to curb coronavirus outbreak and pave the way for a permanent ceasefire and resuming negotiations to reach a comprehensive and fair political solution.
Al Zayed said that the announcement of a ceasefire in Yemen is a major step in supporting human rights there amid the exceptional circumstances undergone by the world because of coronavirus pandemic.

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